• 08/05/2024

A Song for Sheffield Written by Chris Towers

Red, black shirted Sheffield, dervishes in wind,

harrying, hounding Hebburn in the cold.

Grasping at their shirt sleeves, breathing angry.


And the red and blue scarves of younger fans,

wearing their wide sombreros, made me smile.

I dreamed of sunny days, beyond the cool.


Sky blue Hebburn players found their runners,

as I smelt chips, beer, and coffee in swirls

of breeze as linesmen fluttered yellow 


flags and the referee sounded whistles.

Players fell like refuse sacks to the turf,

pleading for penalties in the chaos.


And in the winds, Hebburn hit a screamer,

from distance, and as the ball hit netting,

Hebburn fans erupted in yellow black


bobble hats looking like a swarm of bees

in a hive, making circles in the wind

with their black and yellow scarves rotating.


They twirled them like helicopter blades,

 one more time, as a piledriver scorched

 the netting in the frenzy of the fire.


But in the far distance home supporters

sang, humming gently in the blowing winds,

singing songs for Sheffield, for all seasons.