The world's first football club

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First ever team

The world's first football team

Sheffield Football Club, founded in 1857.

  • 1857 The world's first football team

    Sheffield Football Club is founded on October 24th, by the pioneers, Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest

  • 1859 'Mob football'

    Starting with the foundation of the club in 1857, the club’s committee studies the various rules.

  • 1860 First inter-club game

    On Boxing Day in 1860, Sheffield FC plays the first inter-club game against Hallam FC at Sandygate Lane.

  • 1863 English Football Association

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  • 1866 The first inter-city match

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  • 1867 The world's first football tournament

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  • 1872 The first international match

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  • 1878 The first match under floodlights

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