Veterans SC

The Sheffield FC Veterans' SC was set up in April 2013 to enable sides from around the world to come and play against a Sheffield FC side, without having to face the First Team. The side is made up of ex-players, supporters and those who give up their time to help the progress and survival of the World's First Football Team. 

In June 2013, the VSC headed to Milan, where they made their debut on the biggest stage possible - The San Siro Stadium - and they wowed the audience with two wins (against Dexter Calcio 1-0 and US ACLI 3-0) to earn themselves the mantle of The Heroes of San Siro. 

Plans are in place for several other events to take place in the future, including a recreation of the World's Oldest Derby - a game in July 2013 against Hallam FC. 

Player Profiles

Name Position SFC SINCE
Lee Wainwright Centre-back May, 2013 more
Lee Holland Midfielder November, 2012 more
Richard Smith Goalkeeper May, 2013 more
Alan Wake Midfielder November, 2012 more
Paul Rogers Forward November, 2012 more
Bob Dyson Left-back November, 2012 more
Matthew Roney Midfielder May, 2013 more
Leighton Buck Centre-back November, 2012 more
Franco Martella Midfielder May, 2013 more
Chris Clifford Right-back November, 2012 more
Ben Webster Midfielder November, 2012 more
Ryan Seymour Forward May, 2013 more
Scott Jerrison Left-back November, 2012 more
Robin Holland Midfielder November, 2012 more
Andy Luff Goalkeeper June, 2013 more
Matt Pindar Centre-back November, 2012 more
Jim Fern Forward November, 2012 more
Stuart James Right-back November, 2012 more
Dean Bunclark Midfielder May, 2013 more
Danny Moore Forward May, 2013 more