Ladies First Team

The Ladies First Team, now in its 14th season after forming in the summer of 2003, started life at the bottom of the women's football pyramid, but has experienced a remarkable rise, including six league titles in eight seasons. Promotion to its current position as a member of the FA Women's Super League was attained in 2015, the first club to do so on merit having won the FA Women's Premier League Championship Play Off.

Player Profiles

Name Position SFC SINCE
Zoe Johnson Team Manager July, 2013 more
Perry Nosek January, 2017 more
John Williams Head Coach March, 2016 more
Calum Oakenfold Assistant Coach March, 2016 more
Luke Turner Assistant Manager March, 2016 more
Tom Conway Goalkeeping Coach July, 2017 more
Danielle Gibbons Goalkeeper August, 2017 more
Sarah Jackson Defender August, 2015 more
Holly Housley Defender January, 2016 more
Sherry McCue Midfielder January, 2016 more
Danielle Cox Defender July, 2013 more
Jenna Dear Midfielder April, 2017 more
Ellie Gilliatt Defender September, 2011 more
Hannah Dale Midfielder January, 2016 more
Melissa Johnson Forward July, 2017 more
Sophie Jones Forward June, 2016 more
Rhema Lord-Mears Forward August, 2015 more
Claire Wallhead Goalkeeper July, 2012 more
Hannah Cain Forward May, 2016 more
Kenedy Owen Midfielder August, 2015 more
Katie Anderson Forward August, 2015 more
Chloe Dixon Forward October, 2014 more
Niamh Cashin Defender July, 2017 more
Emma Johnson Midfielder August, 2012 more
Nicole Kemp Defender January, 2014 more
Beth Donoghue Forward August, 2017 more