Social Projects


Our dream is that one day all football fans know, where football kicked off. Our dream is that one day all football fans remember, why football was founded. We want the world to discover the story of 1857, when two pioneers founded the World's First Football Club.

Club of Pioneers & the Family Tree of Football:
This project's dream is to create a home for past, present and future football pioneers from all over the world, in memory and recognition for the heritage and legacy of 1857. The dream is to build the first family tree of football, where clubs, teams and players of all classes and cultures unite under one banner. To begin with, the club's ambassadors are on a journey back to the roots of football, discovering the oldest existing football clubs from every country in the world, the Club of Pioneers. All following football's founding principles Integrity, Respect, Community.


Home of Football:
One of our greatest ambitions is to rebuild the original Home of Football, the field of Olive Grove!
Back in 1857, the very first football match was played on this ground and the first rules of football were written in the greenhouse as part of the ground. A holy place, that is rightly owned to be the Home of Sheffield FC, and the Home of Football! Our plan is to engage with members, fans and sponsors to collect enough funding to

a) Rebuild the ground and a small new stadium,
b) Develop a history center and museum,

at Olive Grove, the Home of Football, in the heart of Sheffield. For more information contact us.


School of Football:
To pass on the heritage of football to the future generations, we have started to visit schools and universities to bring the story of 1857 a little bit closer...

First, the club's chairman Richard Tims becomes “Mr. Tims” the teacher – tutoring the children about the founding history of football, the original idea of the game born in 1857, the special role of Sheffield FC and its founders as well as today’s challenges and meaning to preserve and protect the games founding principles and original values.

Second, our community coaches take the students on the ultimate time travel of football, playing a football match in the dress and to the rules of 1857, feat. the Referee legend Uriah Rennie.

Click here for more information or get in touch with us to coordinate your lesson with Richard Tims and the community players of The World's First Football Club, football’s coolest teacher!


Sheffield FC is and always was a pure amateur club. Without the support of foreign investors, the club is run by volunteers and local helpers. And this culture and amateur spirit must be kept alive!

To secure the club's future and independency, we want to preserve Sheffield FC as amateur organisation, supported by local and international fans and members.

Throughout the last 10 years, Sheffield FC has developed a very strong and competitive amateur football side, with more than 20 teams playing under the banner of the World's First Football Club, including Ladies Teams, Futsal, Veterans and Disabled Teams. As we say: Protect Football, Build the Roots!

Enjoy a review of The World's First Derby in 2013, which we play against our local rivals Hallam FC since 1860!




Boots for the Roots:
In many global communities you see children playing football in their bare feet on rubble-stew ground. In 2009 we founded our global charity campaign Boots for Africa to collect old football boots and deliver them to the children and football communities in Africa. From 2009 to 2012 more than 25.000 pairs of boots were shipped to different places in Africa. Now, after three years of successful support in Africa, we want to expand the campaign worldwide.


Boots for the Roots is our next level after our first Boots for Africa campaign, now aiming to distribute football boots together with our partners and sponsors into different countries all around the world, a.o. Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana and India. Help us to develop the skills and joy of disadvantaged children, and provide more with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game by sending your old football boots to our Foundation! For more information click here.


Please note: All income of the Foundation from commercial activities will be directed towards funding for our local and global programmes and of course to protect the amateur status of Sheffield FC. If you are interested in more information or you want to get involved in our Foundation, please contact us!

For Fans: To support our projects and foundation work, you can join our movement and become official member of the World’s First Football Club! Click here for more information.
For Sponsors: If you want to partner with our club and support our foundation, please write to us here.