Wed, 14. Jun. 2017

The World’s First Football Club x Joma Sport interview

Last month saw Joma Sport announced as the latest lead partner of #theworldsfirst as kit supplier of all Sheffield FC teams. Headquartered in Spain, we caught up with Brand Manager Ian Ralph to find out about the international appeal of #theworldsfirst and what makes the partnership so special:

Joma Sport was recently ranked as one of the top football brands in Europe with sponsorships in the Premier League through to La Liga. How does Sheffield FC add value to the Joma Sport portfolio?

Joma Sport has always associated itself with football at all levels from grass roots, all the way up the pyramid to professional clubs around the world, including teams in the best leagues. The association with Sheffield FC is one that links the Joma brand values with The World`s First Football club which is heritage and integrity. The Joma family, is a business that is built with long term collaborations in mind, where there is mutual gain, something the partnership is based on. The Joma brand has 50 years of textile and footwear manufacturing credentials and the club has 160 years of footballing history.

Headquartered in Spain, Joma Sport has a great international presence. How do you expect #theworldsfirst to grow and be celebrated by the Joma Sport fan base?

The fact that Joma exports to over 100 countries and is poised to do more, sets up a great foundation for celebration worldwide, amongst the fan base with the #worlds firsts. Joma connoisseurs will recognise the link between what is an established and well respected brand, with a club that has years of history and is the originator of the beautiful game.

On October 24th this year Sheffield FC will turn 160 years old. What’s your perception of the story of The World’s First Club?

The Joma brand understands important milestones and the relevance of being the first. The link therefore of a working partnership where the Joma brand can stand proudly with #theworldsfirst enhances the building of additional networks across the globe.

How would you like to see other stakeholders in football engage with Sheffield FC as the club moves forwards with its projects for football?
The importance in consistency to create brand values is the message that will generate other stakeholder engagement. Projects that not only tell a compelling story, but demonstrate a pathway for ambition, involvement and achievement will automatically create interest.


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