Wed, 15. May. 2013

Welcome to the Pioneer of Malta: St. George's FC

Welcome our newest and freshest member in the family! Football pioneers of Malta, St. George's FC. A club of former saints and present social heroes. We are both happy and proud to have you seated at our round table of football grandfathers from now on. Let's make this a better world, through the game of football, the way it was founded in 1857.

Founded in 1890, the Maltese pioneers have a long history to look back to.

Being football’s first on Malta, club officials from St. George’s were instrumental to the forming of the Maltese FA in 1890 and some of them continued to occupy high posts in the organization. (Interestingly, the MFA opted to join the British FA in the same year and only became member of FIFA in 1959 and UEFA in 1960).

Like most pioneers, the club on the other hand somehow lost its competitive edge and was only just recently promoted back to division 1. But the glorious days might return sooner than expected.

A victory in the Maltese version of the old firm derby against the archrivals of Floriana FC would even sweeten the return to the top!

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