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Why is Thornbridge supporting the World’s First Football Club?

We’ve had a long term relationship with the Club which resulted in us taking on and running the Coach and Horses pub at the ground in 2006. Our relationship has grown through these years of working together and we are delighted to be the main shirt sponsors for the 2013/14 season. Our aim in running our pubs well is encapsulated in making sure we serve our local communities and in this case  the supporters  - both home and visitors - and players of the Club are  key to that success. 


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What is Thornbridge’s position and role in football?

We once had a five  a side team with players from the brewery but that is unlikely to be remembered in the annuls of football history! But many of us are die hard football fans and regularly follow Sheffield FC and other clubs. We recognise that the enjoyment we have had from football can be traced back to Sheffield FC and that the roots of the game should never be forgotten – we hope we are playing a small part in making that happen. 

Where to go: What are Thornbridge’s objectives for this future partnership?

We have already been delighted by the response of the many fans of our beer, from across the globe, that have been very pleased to see us link to the Club through the shirt sponsorship. This, we hope, reflects how we would like to be seen; as a British brewer but one that can produce a quality product in many different styles that can be enjoyed in many countries. And importantly, like the Club, we won’t forget our heritage but know that we can have influence beyond our national shores.  

We want to know:
What makes football such a beautiful game?

The enjoyment, the fraternity the surprises that every game and season bring and keeps us coming back for more each time. 


Thank you Thornbridge! With love from Sheffield, together!

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